Alzheimer’s, Parkinson's & Cognitive Decline Workshop Course. Why DNA is not your destiny?

Take a deep dive into brain health. Learn about the genetic and environmental risk factors that contribute to memory loss and neurodegeneration.

All classes are recorded if you miss them live.

This cutting edge Labrogenomics course will include:

  1. Learn about the Alzheimer’s gene, how to find out if you have this gene, and what you can do to protect your brain.
  2. What genes increase your risk for neurodegeneration?
  3. Research-based, actionable steps that may decrease the risk for neurodegeneration and memory loss.
  4. Health risks related to the Alzheimer's gene.
  5. What do the ApoE4, ApoE2, and ApoE3 genes mean, and how to know your genotype.
  6. Monitoring and mitigating risks from memory and cardiovascular disease related to the Alzheimer’s gene.
  7. Labs and testing to monitor health.
  8. Nutritional support that has been proven to be protective from brain and heart risks from the Alzheimer’s gene.
  9. Environmental factors that increase the risk for Alzheimer's disease.
  10. What risks do your genotype have?
  11. Health problems and symptoms.
  12. Clinical pearls.
  13. Natural ways to support health.
  14. Why you can’t wait until you have memory loss to start acting.
  15. Knowledge is power. Finding and avoiding genetic landmines early is the best way to protect your health.
  16. Copy of course power points.
  17. Live and recorded classes for up to one year from purchase.
  18. Parkinson's genomics and epigenetics.
  19. How detoxification plays a role in Parkinson's and brain health.
  20. Research based actions to reduce the risk for Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, neurodegeneration, and cognitive decline.

This course will include three 1-hour live lessons. Each webinar will be recorded to be previewed at your convenience if you cannot attend the live course. 

Class 1: Available to view now. Alzheimer's & Cognitive Decline

Class 2: Live Sep 21st, 2023. 11 am- noon CST. Parkinson’s, genes that influence brain health.

Class 3: Live Sep 28th 11am-noon CST. Case studies.

Identify, and eliminate, health landmines before they go off.

Workshop will be available to be viewed for 365 days after being uploaded or for the length of the subscription of the webinar platform.

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$150.00 USD