The Iron Curse Workshop Live & Recorded 2024 (Single Payment)

 Is your doctor letting high iron destroy your health? Simple steps to know if high iron is the root of your health problems, and easy protocols to save and restore your health.

What you'll get:

  • Over 6 hours of cutting-edge information.
  • Power points.
  • Access to view recordings for up to one year from purchase.
  • Learn how to read iron-related lab and genetic testing correctly.
  • What lab and genetic testing do you need? What are healthy ranges?
  • What are the iron-related diseases, and what they mean?
  • Learn what the hemochromatosis genes are, how to test for them, and what they mean.
  • Health problems and symptoms of high iron, low iron, and anemias.
  • Iron patterns you will see on labs, what they mean, and what you can do about them.
  • Medical myths of hereditary hemochromatosis and it's genes. Who is really at risk?
  • Nutritional and lifestyle protocols that to prevent, protect, and correct iron-related health problems.
  • Genetic combinations that can increase the risk for health problems.
  • Nutrigenomics, epigenetic, clinical, and lab pearls.
  • Case studies.
  • Learn about other genes that are important to know about if you have iron-related health problems.
  • What are the medical myths that are causing a silent epidemic to thrive.

Class 1: How and why high iron destroys the body. Why is there a silent epidemic of undiagnosed and untreated high iron?  

Class 2: Understanding lab and genetic testing for iron-related disorders. Identifying key lab and genetic patterns, you will see. What they mean, and what to do about them? Lab testing to tell you what damage high iron may have caused.  

Class 3:  Anemias & Environmental factors that affect iron-related disorders and can cause iron-related labs to be out of range high or low.    

Class 4: The Iron Curse Protocols. Lowering iron naturally, protecting the body from iron-induced damage of the past, present, and future. 

Class 5:  Genetic Combinations: Beyond the hemochromatosis gene—identify your genetic Achilles heel and save your health. & Case Studies. 

Class dates:

Class 1: February 1st at 11am CST 

Class 2: February 8th at 11am CST 

 Class 3: February 29th at 11am CST 

Class 4: March 7th at 11am CST 

Class 5: March 21st at 11am CST




I have attended two web training programs hosted by Dr. Christy and found them tremendously informative. The programs were filled with valuable information beneficial for medical/nutritional professionals and lay people. Dr. Sutton always goes the extra mile to share her knowledge. Her content was organized and well-delivered, showing her deep understanding of the subjects. It’s been an excellent experience, and I plan on attending more of her programs.

Jenny Noland – Functional Nutritionist


This workshop/webinar series is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any diseases.

Webinar will be available to be viewed for 365 days after being uploaded or for the length of the subscription of the webinar platform, whichever is shorter.

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