Do You Have The Iron Curse?

What do joint pain, liver damage, fatigue, hormonal problems, diabetes, depression, cancer, bipolar, Alzheimer’s disease, skin problems, and even heart disease all have in common? They can all be a result of undiagnosed and untreated high iron. High iron can lead to a disease called hemochromatosis, or iron overload, and is the most common and easiest-to-treat disease you have never heard of. An epidemic of undiagnosed and untreated high iron is quietly burning through families, deceptively taking the health of lives of grandparents, parents, and children under the guidance of their doctor’s watchful eye.

Learn what you need to do to know if you have an iron-related health problem, and protect yourself, your loved ones, and your patients. Dr. Sutton's cutting edge book, The Iron Curse has a companion educational workshop.  The Iron Curse book and workshop are about iron-overload, hemochromatosis, anemias, and much more. The information in The Iron Curse Workshop and book is ground-breaking and transformational .

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Christy Sutton, D.C. has created cutting-edge educational Labrogenomics Workshops. Labrogenomics combines genetic testing, lab testing, exam, symptoms, and family history to create a personalized health plan.

Dr. Sutton's first book,  Genetic Testing: Defining Your Path to a Personalized Health Plan, teaches about over 300 genes. This book is designed to go along with a personalized Genetic Detoxification report.

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